NHS Dental Care

Our dentists are personally very committed to providing the full range of NHS dental treatments including dentures, crowns and bridges for those patients who need them. Regular NHS check-ups and first new patient examinations are free of charge, as are denture repairs. Should treatment be required, we will always provide you with a detailed written estimate.


We provide help with good brushing skills and guidance on diet to prevent decay. The early detection of crowding is also important for the long term health and appearance of a child’s teeth.

All adults

We will regularly check not only your teeth and gums, but also your mouth for early signs of oral cancer, which is very easily treated if spotted early.

Older patients & those with chronic health problems

Preventive dentistry has a particularly important role for this group of patients and we are happy to help.

Cosmetic Dentistry & other Private Treatments

For those patients looking for something extra, several of the dentists have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry.

White fillings, veneers & crowns

These treatments make a real difference to your appearance and are popular with our patients who are keen to make their teeth more attractive and healthy looking.

Tooth whitening

This treatment is very much in demand for those looking for that extra sparkle. If this is something you are interested in, please ask one of our dentists for more information.

Wrinkle treatments

We are now offering an effective way to improve your appearance by smoothing out lines and wrinkles  - please see our News section for more details.

Anti-snoring devices

Snoring causes many problems, not just for long suffering partners! Snoring also affects the health of the snorer (e.g. tiredness during the day and interrupted sleep at night). “Sleepwell” snoring devices are one of the few proven treatments which can help most patients and these are available from one of our dentists who has learnt what works from personal experience!